Saturn People Worlds: A Unique Universe on the Ethereum Blockchain
Welcome to Saturn People Worlds, a vibrant collection of 50 meticulously hand-drawn, jump-loop animations. Our universe is inhabited by an eclectic mix of Robots and Aliens, each with their own unique charm, all living on the Ethereum blockchain.
As a Saturn People holder, you're not just owning a piece of digital art; you're joining an exclusive community. Participate in a variety of exclusive events such as NFT claims, raffles, and community giveaways.
Join us in this exciting venture and become a part of the Saturn People community.



Desert Worlds
A 2011 study suggested that not only are life-sustaining desert planets possible, but that they might be more common than Earth-like planets. The study found that when modeled, desert planets had a much larger habitable zone than ocean planets.






Like the depths of the ocean, much of what lies within our jungles and rain forests remains undiscovered. The mystery and beauty of these landscapes
There are hundreds of jungles and rainforest across the Galaxy, housing most of the planets known animal species and hiding many more. They are an environment worthy of our protection and admiration, and how better to learn about these biodiverse landscapes than by visiting them.
Water Worlds
planets or moons with global oceans – used to be considered part of science fiction, but we are starting to learn now that, not only do they exist, they might actually be fairly common. In our own solar system, the moons Europa, Enceladus, Titan and Ganymede are known or suspected to have such oceans beneath their outer ice crust.


Have a passion for NFTs? Explore our innovative Saturn People Worlds. By supporting this initiative, you're not only investing in a unique digital asset but also contributing to the advancement of SETE (Search for Extraterrestrial Existence). Visit our website to learn more and become part of this groundbreaking venture.